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Grow your business

Attract more customers

Manage your reputations

Make it easier for your customers to find you and want you.


  • Attract more customers
  • reach more people across your marketplace
  • reduce costs
  • OnePage Websites
    • minimal content required
    • never need SEO
    • never go out of date
    • Updates your Facebook Business Page
    • Updates your Google Business Page 
    • Come with Sales Optimized Business Page
    • Posted on up to 75 directories, websites, search engines, and social media channels
    • Helps you do what you need to do. Run your business. 
    • All the apps and plug-ins your business needs including shared ecommerce
  • Improve your customer's experience
  • Extend and expand your customers lifes. 

How It works

Single source content

Shared marketing efforts

A synchronised exceptional first impression on multiple fronts

Share exposure 3=4 million people per 10-15 mile radius of interwoven marketplaces




Shared = share your customers with neighboring businesses with your customer's permission

Shared Marketing = collaborate with your neighboring businesses on all marketing and advertising efforts

Drive consumers to your business community. Gives them more to do. did you know that 5 out 10 consumers don't know what's available nearby? They have a lot more to do 






Email marketing delivers. But we do it differently. Our Email marketing pays. 


Get your business listed everywhere. All from one place. Showcase your business on top sites across the Web like Google, Yelp and Foursquare.
Brick and mortar and local service area. Be where your customers are. Starting from $699/mo

SEO When people search for what you do, make sure your business shows up, Starting from $19.99/mo

Host your regular website with us, Starting from $19.99/mo and get a twin All In One Sales Optimized Web page.

Get your your website designed, hosted, SEOed, listed and marketed by us for just $1,999 for one year. Be one of the first and get it for just $1,000. 

Get the above plus printed media to get you known local 

Restaurants can include Menus, Ad Fliers, Postcards, EDDM, Business Cards, All in One Look and Feel for a united branding. 


Spend a little extra now get more in return later. 

Free anything is alway worth what you pay for. Make it a priority to start growing your business immediately. 

Specialize in something not available or lower quality, market it right and win. 



Sorry, SEO geeks — this is for the rest of us.
Don’t know what SEO means? You’re not alone.
With just a click, your site is automatically updated with relevant keywords and phrases. Your approved content changes are applied instantly and updated for search engines, so you don’t need to know anything about SEO.
We’ve got your back.
Search Engine Visibility makes you the expert—but with Momzey’s experience and award-winning technology and support you always get what you need.

Create Marketing Magic 


So, you are here because you have seen Momzey on billboards, magazines, TV, web, and your inbox. What you have seen is nothing yet. Momzey is planning bigger things. The mission is to be Local First and offer:

  • Truthful Information in search results

  • No advertising on business results pages

  • No spying on users or customers

  • 100% permission-based

  • Momzey will not use or sell your information with or without permission

​Soon enough you'll see 2 basic principles in action.

  1. Momzey Everywhere

  2. We don't make money unless you make money. This will be true for businesses and consumers alike worldwide.